We are committed to bringing the benefits of the latest audio processing technologies to the local communities. We have formed bonds with an ever-growing number of hearing-impaired people in Hong Kong and Mainland China to learn about how they cope with hearing-loss.
Based on our professional knowledge, we make our utmost effort to help the elderly learn about the status of their hearing health and how they could protect their hearing. In addition, we pay absolute attention and patience to the needs of the elderly with hearing-impairment. We have explored the difficulties they possibly encounter in their daily lives.
The happiness and gratitude expressed by each elderly has always been the greatest motivator of our technological innovation. We are looking forward to bringing them a comfortable listening experience in the near future.
We sincerely appreciate their detailed feedback, which we use to continuously improve our technology and products. We will further strengthen the collaborative relationship with the elderly community and use sound and technology to keep people connected.
Sai Kung District Community Centre
2019-10-17 admin
Taoyuan Nursing Home Charity
2019-09-18 admin
Futian Sunshine Community Center of Public Welfare
2019-08-29 admin
Cuiping Retirement Community Charity
2019-08-23 admin
Sihai Nursing Home Charity
2019-08-20 admin
Sky-Blue Lake Futaiyuan (International) Retirement Center Charity
2019-07-01 admin
China Construction Bank's Community Outreach Division
2019-06-22 admin
Buji Nursing Home Charity
2019-06-06 admin
Funghua Public Welfare Organisation
2019-04-03 admin
Renda Care and Nursing Home Charity, Longgang District
2019-01-01 admin
Nanshan Nursing Home Charity
2018-07-05 admin