Elderly hearing-impaired individual finds it hard to stay in touch with the world because of their hearing-loss
Hearing-impairment makes staying in touch with the world more
Audiologist providing hearing care for an hear-ing-impaired elderly
We have talked to over 500 hard-of-hearing individuals
about how they cope with hearing-impairment
and about their experiences with hearing aids.

The most common complaint we hear:

Existing hearing aids are noisy.

Our Mission
To use sound and technology
to keep people connected.
Technology Introduction
Dynamic compensation technology based on brain science
Personalized, comfortable and clear audio, powered by brain-inspired neural network models
Speech separation and enhancement algorithms
Speech is separated from multiple sound sources, and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms make speech clearer and easier to understand
Scenery adaptation technology
Scans the sounds in the environment to automatically provide an optimized and comfortable listening experience.
Far-field pickup technology
Enabling Industry 4.0 applications with up to 15 meters pickup distance
Product Prototypes
Incus Personal Sound Optimization Product
Prototype of Incus personal sound amplification product (PSAP)

• Intelligent Noise Reduction: Comfortable listening experience – even in noisy environments, with advanced source separation and noise reduction algorithms.

• Tailored Sound: Sound is tailored to your unique Yinbei for improved clarity with audio personalization technology .

• Coming soon: Bluetooth audio streaming

Enhance speech clarity during phone calls, and hear music the way it’s supposed to sound.

Incus Yinbei

• A free App offering personalized listening solutions

• Calibrate and control your Incus PSAP with Incus Yinbei

• Obtain your Yinbei to tailor the sound from your Incus PSAP

• Android and iOS compatible

Download Yinbei App
Log-in screen of the Yinbei app Unique hearing profile shown in the Yinbei app A collection of hearing profiles that the user can switch between in the Yinbei app
Jewellery & Personal Sound Amplification Product
Rouge is a Special Edition model gifted to Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II in December 2019.
The decorative patterns on the medallion come from the Royal Pavilion in Brighton