Incus engaged in GBA-International Acoustics Symposium 2019
Unremitting pursuit to advancing audio technology is an essential driving force to our team. At Greater Bay Area-International Acoustics Symposium 2019 (GBA-IAS 2019), Incus passionately exchanged innovative ideas with highly valued experts from the academic field the industry from all around the world.

From 16th to 18th December 2019, GBA-IAS 2019, organised by our co-founder, Professor Richard So at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Professor Yu Guangzheng at South China University of Technology, was held at the Shenzhen Research Institute of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. This forum brings together many experts and scholars from renowned universities, research institutes and industry in China and overseas. The forum’s theme, “Perception and Acoustics”, sparked a deep and enthusiastic discussion across the fields of psychology, acoustics, signal processing and computer science.
Incus’ CEO, Calvin Zhang, shared the technological development and market strategies of our company.  Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Isabella Wei, Senior DSP Engineer Dr. Dang Kai and Algorithm Engineer Tu Fengzhi from our team presented analytical reports on intelligent audio processing algorithms and hardware implementation. Participants were highly satisfied with our team’s efforts towards contributing to scientific research, and the presentations prompted a valuable discussion about technology implementation.

Incus will continuously focus on advancing audio technology, and is committed to bringing the benefits of the latest audio processing technologies to users in the local communities.
Incus unveiled special edition model “Rouge” at Pitch@Palace Global 4.0 Finals in London
The Finals of Pitch@Palace Global 4.0 took place in London on 11 December and featured 18 national winners from nine countries. Incus’ co-founders, Calvin Zhang and Professor Richard So had exactly three minutes to pitch. They took the opportunity to reveal Rouge, which is a special edition model that is simultaneously a piece of jewelry and a personal sound amplification product (PSAP). They demonstrated how the advanced audio technologies it features can benefit to the hard-of-hearing by providing a more comfortable listening experience compared to traditional hearing aids and PSAPs, especially in noisy environments.

Through pioneering designs and technology innovation, Incus strives to encourage more widespread adoption of hearing aids and personal sound amplification products & to battle the stigma surround hearing-impairment.

Rouge is an example of this, as it is a fully functional PSAP featuring Incus Intelligent Noise Reduction and Tailored Sound technologies with the electronic components hidden within the necklace. One sample of Rouge was gifted to Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II. Rouge is available in limited quantities only.
Incus gets a new look!
We’re excited to reveal our new logo:  

The red element is a reference to the Chinese character “人” [Rén], which means “people”. It serves as a reminder of our mission to use sound and technology to keep people connected, and that what motivates us to keep going is our interactions with  the people experiencing our technologies.
Besides the new logo, we’ll gradually roll out some other changes to our visual identity over the next couple of months. 
Incus closes HK$10M Pre-A fundraising round
Incus closed its Pre-A fundraising round, receiving HK$10M in investment.
The funds will be spent on further audio technology advances and providing the communities with an accessible and better listening experience in the near future.
We hope that we could have more opportunities to have access to more resources.
Incus receives the Winner Award at the HKTDC Start-Up Express Pitching Finals 2019
Incus has received the Winner Award at HKTDC Start-Up Express Pitching Finals 2019.
The Start-Up Express Pitching Finals 2019 took place on 17 May 2019. Being one of ten winners, Incus has qualified for the Start-Up Express program.
Start-Up Express is a program organized by The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) that supports Hong Kong startups exploring new markets. The program sponsors participation  in local and overseas exhibitions, and features a series of targeted  events and meetings.
We look forward to joining this program together with the nine other Hong Kong startups.

Incus receives the 1st Prize, Audience Vote Award at Pitch@Palace China 3.0

At the Pitch@Palace China 3.0 Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals in China, Incus shared three brief audio samples illustrating our Intelligent Noise Reduction and Tailored Sound technologies on the stage. We are honored to be among the top teams in the national final and are looking forward to joining the global finals in London in December this year.